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Shopping for secondhand goods takes on a whole new level when you visit the Historic Route 66 Market and Cafe. Located in the Greater St. Louis Metro Area in Illinois and Missouri, our transformed establishment continues to serve as the leading swap meet and artisan market in the Midwest. Our vendors come from across the region to bring you the widest and wildest selection of merchandise you can’t find at shopping malls and department stores. If you’re looking for everyday household items, vintage finds, relics from the past, or bargain steals, we have something for you at the Historic Route 66 Flea Market and Cafe!

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What You Can Find (at Discount Prices!)

Get your kicks and join us for a shopping experience like nowhere else in the Midwest!

Whether you have a particular item in mind or want to stumble upon hidden treasures, we have something in store for you!

Treasures include

  • Kitchenware & household items
  • Beauty products
  • Clothes & jewelry
  • New & retro video games
  • Vintage toys
  • Home & yard décor
  • Vape pens
  • Shoes, wallets, & purses
  • Furniture
  • & much more!
Flea Market Place from Historic Route 66 Flea Market and Cafe in Granite City, IL

We’re open daily from 9am to 4pm (Indoor)! Our Outdoor market is open Sat-Sun from 9am-4pm!


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Our Story

What started as a large storage facility quickly evolved into something different and off-the-beaten-path. Our small flea market began with 10 vendors. Once word spread across the Greater St. Louis Metro Area, we soon had 150 vendors under our wing.

It wasn’t long until our facility expanded to 60,000 square feet, and we eventually built two restaurants alongside our market. Guests can walk right to Route 66 Kickstand, a local watering hole that serves up fresh pizza, cold drinks, modern video slots, and good times. After shopping all day, guests can also visit Teri’s Route 66 Diner and enjoy coffee and warm plates of American fare.

Interested Vendors & Charity Benefits

After rebuilding our space to better accommodate our vendors and customers, we’ve evolved into a new and improved flea market that runs year-round. We’re extending our reach as a diverse one-stop shop for travelers and Midwesterners alike, serving the Greater St. Louis Metro Area in Illinois and Missouri. We’re an indoor and outdoor swap meet equipped with everything our vendors need, including:

  • Newly-renovated facility
  • 30+ vendor spaces (indoor & outdoor!)
  • Three storefronts
  • Electricity, lighting, & awnings
  • Parking
  • Public restrooms
  • Indoor climate control
  • Full-service diner, bar, & gaming area

Our goal is to help our vendors create a popular swap meet where they can better cater to customers, collectors, and folks who are simply passing by and perusing for merchandise. If you’d like to become a vendor or host a charity event at our facility, get in touch with us!

Have questions? Call 618-709-7007 or get in touch!

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Business Hours:

Daily: 9 AM - 4 PM